Saturday, June 02, 2007

The more you live now, the more it will hurt to remember

It is difficult for me to judge people. Though there is something
wrong with a grand number of them, objectively. I feel very
disconnected from the insanity that surrounds me. The sufferings of
young minds. The loss of intelligence. People who live only to
survive, who live with no purpose. Who no longer can focus,
concentrate enough on anything, anyone, who do things with no passion,
no love.

Then there are the people who kill themselves and make a show of it for
all of us to watch. Waiting for us to stop them, to help them, to care
for them because thats all they want, someone to care for them. Well I
don't care for them. Because nothing is wrong with suicide. The world
would be better if people were allowed to kill themselves. Our
hypocritical society doesn't want you to live or die, they want to keep
you working sad. They don't care for you, nobody cares for you, there
is nothing out here but the power of your mind, your spirit, your soul
that from time to times rhymes to make some poetry. If only you could
feel, listen, see in new ways. Then something would move. Something
would happen. But you don't have the desire, even. You desire, desire
itself. You want to care but you don't, wouldn't it be great to care,
to have passion, to be moved by sunsets and sunrises. To be sensitive
to beauty. If only it meant something to you.

Our society, based on over consumption and information overload has
bombarded your senses to the point that your intellect, if it is at all
intact becomes your only weapon, your one trick pony to kill all that
is real. Stop searching for the meaning and take in the experience.
Understanding comes also from feeling without judgment. Don't
struggle, just try and feel it. And then something happens, something
magical. The moment where you don't want anything, don't need anything
to make you happy because the feeling is enough. And then you want to
live, really live, even for somebody else.