Monday, February 16, 2009

Passion versus Clockwork - Nadal versus Federer

My everyday existence is punctuated by the pleasures of a historic rivalry; passion versus clockwork; Nadal versus Federer.  Like all great things, there is more to it than meets the eye.  This is tennis as transcendence; a battle between two different ways of being.  

How does one succeed?  By controlling passions, or letting them take hold of you, drive you, to victory?  The iron dicipline, the unorthodox spontaneity, who are you, and how will you go about fighting the good fight?  One must decide, which side they are on.   

Nadal, so spring-like and ebullient, young and strong, energetic and fashionable.  He makes the heart soar.  Federer, the precision and perfection, the smooth workings of a master of his craft.  

The duality of the universe exposes itself upon a tennis court.

Clockwork fails.  Cannot compute or understand the energy.  Tears of frustration.  Clockwork must be unemotional to survive - and win.  Sometimes winning is not enough.  At times a loss opens us deeper into the unknown; inside ourselves.  

"There is no success like failure, and failures no success at all."  

Clockwork will make a comeback.  Passion will burnout.  The world will re-generate and we all watch in awe because we don't know who to root for, anymore.  

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