Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Modern Love

People love people for unexplainable and uninterested reasons - in sum - out of attraction. Though love, in our modern era at least, is more a result of the joy in providing something for someone. The main way to get love is to give love unconditionally.

And you attract love when people want to be around you, find you have something to offer them that nobody else does. Your beauty , charm and intelligence.

The word love has done more to actually hurt the real sentiment of love. That nebulous and zen like state we call love is so gently evoked that it cannot be Spoken of or defined.

Get it out of your vocabulary. Find joy in serving others and it will come.

In many ways love and money have a lot to do with one another. They cannot be chased as an end. They must be attracted by who you are, your (self) worth, and value to society and to others.

This is very different than the love we get as children, for the most part unconditionally. Adult, and modern, love comes with the condition of selflessness.

The failure to make this transition from child to adult, well, explains much of the modern failings of love.

~ G