Saturday, January 01, 2011

Wishing you a magnificent New Year - 2011

The future is here.  Don't give up the good fight.  We're about to lift-off, and GaboWorld wants to thank all its dear readers, former lovers, and lovers to be.  I write for you, and only you.  

This past year saw less activity than imagined.  The earthquake in Haiti, and dealing with its aftermath, took up most of my time.  I also have been hard at work on a Novella, when not saving or jet-setting across the world.  GaboWorld carries on.  I spend many a nights going through my first entries from 2006.  Almost 5 years of blogging and I slowly, see the evolution of my voice and craft.  Would not have been possible without the Blog.  Would not be possible without you.  

A hearty thank you.  Don't let me go.  I need you.