Monday, August 07, 2006

queer eye

<bold>You know I don't watch TV and in my time not watching TV I
usually spend telling people I don't watch TV. From time to time to
be ironic I will indulge in the habits of the common man and allow
myself to be taken in by the dream, by a particular vision, which has
a fabulous capacity to make you feel, if not for moments that
everything is alright. Hamburgers, cars, make up, drugs, violence are
not all destroying the world. That somehow progress is good, that we
are a big happy family and technology, the government, money, business
make us have a really great time. I fall into it, and queer eye, its
a fucking revelation into the strange turn mainstream television has
taken. It’s Gay with a capital G yet its softening and conditioning
middle America to accept what it has never been able to handle. Yes
the men are stereotyped and do portray gay men as detail oriented glam
freaks yet much of the advice, the helping of getting it together vibe
somehow in this day and age feels useful. The make overs are

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