Monday, November 13, 2006

Newspaper seminar November 10

Wow what a week of news and events. This weeks topics and
readings (drumroll please)

1. God and Politics

Europe is losing its secularity. Everyone with liberal values please

2/3 of Americans believe the war in Iraq was a mistake the other 1/3
are evangelical!

2. Saddam Hussein Trial

This trial is more than meets the eye. An article exploring the
legitimacy, sanity and consequences of executing Hussein.


3. Mid term election results

I am still waiting! How did Lieberman win? A quick recap and some of
your thoughts on the outcomes.

As always we will be in the bar at 530pm. This week there is no
aperitivo though guilio(the bar guy) told me he can possibly cut us a
deal for some wine. We can also make other arrangements. I will at
least have a bottle I will bring to get me through my opening remarks.
Look forward to facilitating a lively discussion.

Peace and Love,


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