Thursday, November 23, 2006

Newspaper seminar

Just for this week we will meet on Friday at 430pm at the SAIS bar
instead of the usual to 530pm to accomodate the talk at 530pm in the
penthouse by Prof. Roberto Belloni on "The Problem with
Humanitarianism". To get ourselves ready for the talk we will make our
theme (drumroll please)


1. This reading is a broad poetic account of the problems of aid,
whether in conflict zones or for poverty reduction. Kristof is a
fantastic writer and its a short quick read and will put you up to
speed quickly on some of the more pertinent issues in Humanitarianism.
As an added bonus our classmates in the "seminar on the humanitarian
aid enterprise" will be present to discuss their new found expertise on
this issue and will field any questions to add depth to our discussion

"Aid: can it work?" -By Nicholas D. Kristof

2. Kosovo Independence - A real world example of the problems of
humanitarianism. Some articles and talking points. This presentation
will be led by fellow classmates who have been involved in the region
and will guide our discussion.

Issue:  Kosovo Independence
Background:  The following articles discuss specifically the Status
Solution for Kosovo and Serbian Parliamentary Elections.  After most
republics of former Yugoslavia had broken away, Kosovo was still an
autonomous region in the territory of the Republic of Serbia with a
majority ethnic-Albanian population.  Milosevic’s efforts to tighten
control over the region prompted a guerilla insurgency by the ethnic
Albanians calling for independence.  The Yugslav army (essentially
Serbs) moved in to crush the insurgency, and is accused of genocide in
the process, which prompted the 1999 NATO bombings of Serbia to compel
a withdrawal.  Since 1999, Kosovo, while still Serbian territory, has
been a UN protectorate. 
The Contact Group had chosen 2006 as the year to propose a status
solution for Kosovo, to remain part of Serbia with varying levels of
autonomy or independence or some in-between.  The question prior to
November 10, 2006 was if the Kosovo status solution proposal would be
announced by Ahtisaari (leading the negotiations) before or after
Serbian Parliamentary elections.

Washington Post News Article, November 10, 2006
Relation between Serbia’s Election announcement and the status solution
Washington Post Editorial, November 10, 2006
Pro Kosovo Independence
Washington Post OpEd Piece by PM Vojislav Kostunica, July 12, 2006
Anti Kosovo Independence

Alright thats it. I look forward to the presenters and facilitating a
lively discussion. Onward, ho!

Peace and Love


"In Italy for thirty years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror,
murder and bloodshed but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci
and the Renaissance. In Switzerland, they had brotherly love; they had
five hundred years of democracy and peace and what did that produce?
The cuckoo clock." - Orson Welles

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