Thursday, January 31, 2013

Helping the most vulnerable

Helping the most vulnerable

Once an organizing machine is created and successful it's never satisfied and keeps trying too find new campaigns to win. Too much is at stake. And everyone likes to keep a good thing going. Will the Gay movement stop at gay marriage ? No. They move on stronger to bullying and perhaps finally get to helping out gay people overseas in a significant way. Will women's groups rest once half of all CEOs are women ? Unlikely. They'll keep bulldozing for more and more.

Such immense, historical , revolutionary progress has been made with minorities and the historically disenfranchised. Yet these victories are seldom celebrated . Keep going for more! In the very American tradition of "grow or die" these movements keep asking for your money and support for fear of losing relevance.

I swear, I can't with a straight face take anyone seriously who acts like we are in 1960 when talking about Gay marriage or the lack of female CEOs. The moral and the political landscape is far far more favorable to these 2 groups than anytime in the past. Some would argue they're both at their historical apogee. It's completely intellectually facetious to act like this struggle is in the same vain as civil rights struggles in the 1960s. As if no progress has been made and as if they deserve the same moral weight those struggles presented. They're important but they're not the defining struggle of our times. Not even close...

I'd say climate change is. And the fight against soft money in politics, ie lobbying, is far greater a challenge to our country.

And who we continue to fail is largely undisscussed and that's because they are weak economically or do not have strong elite engagement or the problem is too historically entrenched. I'm thinking about African Americans, poor whites, native Americans , migrant farm workers. ..

I'm all for gay marriage and equal opportunity but at some point I need to direct my very limited time and resources to the most vulnerable in this country. I'm not going to get all riled up and distracted by gay and women lobbies and Pr campaigns. I'm going to remember who most needs our help and what work is most fundamental to preserving the greatness of our country.

No, we can't have it all. Your time,money and attention are limited.

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